Friday, June 16, 2017

Final (Friendship)

What is Friendship to you?

I Went to my friends and asked them, "what object or thing, represents friendship to you and tell me why." I was surprised by some of the answers but I also was expecting some of them. It was fun getting to know what people thought and what their opinion on it was. 

I asked, "is there anything here that represents friendship to you?" she answered with her drink from dutch and when I asked why, this is what she said,
"dutch means friendship to me because me and my best friend always go to dutch in the morning, and it reminds me of the greatest things in life."

When I asked Korryn she immediately went to her Mac and Cheese and I laughed, it was so her. She answered my question with,
"This represents friendship because like the cheese bonds to the noodles, friendship wouldn't exist without the unbreakable bond and friendship and Mac and Cheese are good."

When I asked Kenzie, it was such a basic answer and I saw it coming but I understood because she misses somebody whom she can't see in person, here's her reason,
"All my friends are on it [my phone] and I keep up with Fabio while he's in Switzerland, it's an easy way to communicate."

Paige's response to my question was probably my favorite because it was the least expected answer, and I absolutely agree with her, she said,
"Friendship is not an object, it's whats in their heart that counts." 

I loved this answer, because if you knew Sierra this was the most expected answer from her,
"This means friendship to me because it's the most iconic duo of my childhood."

Ramsey is such a sweetheart and always takes other peoples feelings into account, what he said made me so happy,
"This represents OUR freindship because as we are both part of the LGBT community and as a triangle has points like our friendship."

My brother answer with the most basic one and just pointed to something random but it was nice hearing something like thagt from him,
"Shoes because they always come in pairs like two best friends."

Still Life

Monday, April 10, 2017


What kinds of things do you see in this photograph? 

I see a train in the subway that either broke down or something just incredibly sad happened. I see possible death

How is this picture different from real life?

not that this picture isnt real, it very much is. But it's out of the ordinary thing we usually see everyday. Stuff like this doesnt happen often and when it does it seems like it's from another world.

What can you tell or describe about the colors in this photograph?

The colors that just get to me most are the red colors. Because you can't really see what it is you're kind of left to think what it is on your own and to some people that might not be so good.

Pretend you are inside this photograph. What does it feel like?

It feels almost terrifying. Like if I were in it, I wouldn't really know how to feel, and it would be surreal.

What do you think is worth remembering about this photograph?

If people did die in this, then the people who are gone should be remembered in this photograph as well as everyone else who was involved with it.